Ghost Party

Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox


Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox


my favs from sakuracon! if you are in any of these photos, please let me know so that i can give credit!!


Melon nappin’ in my lap

So many Dangan Ronpa cosplayers recognized me, mostly when I was with Domo(nobear) but an Ibuki and later a Chiaki both wanted to take selfies with me and sfkgjhdfg I’ve never had a stranger ask to take selfies with me ;v;

The wig ended up being a perfect choice and so many people loved my cosplay and took photos and aaaaaahhhhh ;w; ♥♥♥

We went back to my car to sit down and so I could grab the blue kraken commission to deliver it and when I came back Domo had fallen asleep so I took a photo with Charlotte.

Today’s gets, I FOUND A MALAMAR! It’s so ugly I’m so happy I found one omg. And the plush sellers brought out more because there definitely weren’t any giant Pumpkaboo yesterday but then there were a bunch today. This year’s Sakuracon merch booth had crane charms and they restocked this morning so I was able to get one! 

And krazehcakes had a pair of really neat double-sided OFF shirts for sale, one with the Batter and another with Zacharie. After eyeing them every single time I walked by I finally decided to get the Batter one. :> All of the buttons are theirs too!

Situ photos from today! :D Cute Habatan mascot, Hannerd being super cute as always, and a commission from kiriska! :D

Cosplay photos from today! :D Some great Bioshock cosplays, I found Meep and some other cute suiters,NIGHTMARE STAG, super cutie Pocahontas, Quote, a really great Mad Hatter, his hat flipped open and the thing spun around!!! Also a Gabriel! Maleficent! Legendary dragon trio! And a couple Felt members! :D


Funny / / Ina Hernas
a tattoo of every kind of bird ever

hell ye