Woke up 2 hours early, expected as much, started to drift off again, then my brother started emptying the dishwasher at 6am which is obnoxiously noisy???? THanks man. 

I’m awake now. Couldn’t get back to sleep. Too nervous/excited. I need to go eat a food.

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Mysterious convocation…


Mysterious convocation…

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ultimate detective Domo

Detective Domonan

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some of them are probably my dogs too



Every dog is my dog let’s be honest I am secretly Will Graham if I have dogsat for you at some point your dog is m i n e now. Forever. No take backsies.

But yeah I take photos of people’s dogs when I pet sit or when I visit friends with dogs. :>

do u have like 1000 animals I always see diff pet pics

I have 3 dogs and 5 rats at the moment~ :>

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No no I am not Situ, Situ is my silly bird OC 

So I had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and brought it up to my room to eat and Lexi followed me and sat unusually close and kept licking her lips and huffing at me

I thought she just really wanted pulled pork